Supervision Turnkey Projects

Hartech Controls executes turnkey projects in each of its areas of operation.

These end-to-end projects involve all aspects of project development, from pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, through general and detailed design, construction, equipment supply and installation, to commissioning, operations and handover.

One of the keys to successful project implementation is supervision, which requires tight control over quality, time and budget. Hartech Controls closely monitors the physical progress of works, schedule adherence, and financial management to ensure project completion of the highest level.

With the contractor’s activities dictated by an established work schedule on the one hand, and the clients desire to finish the project quickly on the other, a project can encounter a conflict of interest.

To overcome this at the design stage, Hartech Controls thoroughly examines
the contractor’s work program leading up to work commencement to guarantee that future construction proceeds smoothly.

At the construction stage, Hartech Controls ensures that all activities meet environmental protection regulations to minimize system operation disruptions. In the event that such regulations are not required, Hartech Controls adopts acceptable international standards.