Load Calculation Actual Demand

Electrical (demand or power) Load factor is a measure of the utilization rate, or efficiency of electrical energy usage. It is the ratio of total energy (KWh) used in the billing period divided by the possible total energy used within the period, if used at the peak demand (KW) during the entire period. Demand Load Factor is usefull in qualifing the benefits of demand control and battery energy storage strategies.

Thus, The Electricity Demand Load Factor Calculation is: Demand Load Factor = KWh/KW/hours in the period

By analyzing your load profile and your needs, you may be able to improve your load factor by doing the following:

A – Demand reduction

Reduce demand by distributing your loads over different time periods.

B – Increase production

Keeping the demand stable and increasing your consumption is often a cost-effective way to increase production while maximizing the use of your power.

*In both cases, the load factor will improve and therefore reduce your average unit cost per kWh.