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    Address: Vineet Gupta(B.E. Elec. & Comm.) B-4, Ekta Nagar, Bareilly , 243001
    Telephone: +91-9761650000,
    +91-8057172659, +91-9634036412
    E-mail: har_tech74@yahoo.co.in


    Why EC (Electrical Consultants)

    Company run by design professionals whose combined experience exceeds 100 years.
    Intense and unwavering focus on electrical design and consultancy.
    Each circuit is analysed and optimised one at a time and a number of Outsourcing of civil & structural design related to electrical work to external consultants (foundation design, steel structure detailing) thereby retaining focus on core competency.
    Design delivered in single package and backed by design calculations.
    Latest software and tools to provide most economical and safe design.
    Capability to make most difficult electrical design challenges looks simple.
    Single point responsibility for design, Detailed engineering, Procurement support and Contract management.