Procurement Support

picture EC believes that the designers develop a through understanding of the products and services required for the project during the design stage. A sound design needs to be supported with a sound procurement strategy in order to achieve project objectives in totality.

Our procurement support service is a tailored package to suit the individual client to seamlessly transfer management responsibility for procurement related activities to EC, for the electrical system designed by us.

We advise the client in supplier selection strategies, total cost analysis, return on investment analysis, vendor evaluation etc during selection process.

We prepare bid specification, RFQ, project specification, tenders and standard operating procedures (SOP) for the execution of projects designed by us. All our bids are legally vetted to ensure that all specifications, terms and conditions are enforceable throughout the project cycle.

We carry out bid analysis and submit technical recommendation documents to help the clients increase efficiency and add value to the procurement process.

Key Deliverables of EC:
Scope and requirement definition
Vendor selection model
Project specification
Bid specification
Preparation of tender documents
Preparation of contract documents
RFQ & Bid documentation
Bid analysis
Vendor evaluation report
Technical recommendation document