Physical Layouts

picture The focus of a good functional design process will promote skill, economy, convenience, comfort, and shall find the optimum combination of materials and configurations in an electrical distribution system design.

Our electrical system design team reviews general project objectives, establishes the engineering requirements, establishes clearance requirements, prepares physical layout for electrical equipment, cable trays, busbar trunking, underground cable ducts, above ground conduits & hangers, interior and exterior lighting, communication system, cathodic protection and grounding system.

We have employed Electrical Design Automation (EDA) softwares for the production of conceptual and higher tier design, drawings and documentation related to electrical power distribution system.

Key Deliverables of EC:
Electrical site plans
Electrical equipment layout
Electrical wiring layout
Lighting layout
Power layout
Cable tray layout
Busbar layout
Cable duct layout
Communication system layout
Earthing system layout
Earthing grid layout