Metering, Control & Protection

picture Electrical distribution system is one of the most engineered systems of any project. The rising cost of power, frequent blackouts, poor quality of power and conservation goals of various power suppliers has put tremendous pressure on the consumers to accurately control, meter and optimise power usage throughout the distribution system.

EC has in-depth knowledge and experience in designing high performance systems for feeder protection, control, monitoring, metering and power demand management as an integrated package of electrical system design.

Our smart grid technology enabled softwares help the designers to incorporate automated response and controls to anticipate, detect and respond to system faults, avoid or mitigate power outages and correct power quality problems.

It also incorporates automated energy user action like demand side management (DSM) through peak load curtailment, shift usage to off-peak hours, lower total energy consumption, enhance reliability, use of grid friendly equipment, use of alternative energy source like solar, wind & biomass, enhance personnel protection etc.

Key Deliverables of EC:
Energy metering
Power management systems
Feeder protection design
Energy conservation design
APFCR design
Fault management
Power quality improvement systems