Load Data Analysis

picture Estimating how much electricity to use is the starting point of any electrical design work and determines what type of input voltage (HT or LT) to use on a routine basis for an electrical installation.

At EC, electrical design of any installation will start by preparing electrical load tables. This is done by listing down individual items which requires electricity and the power requirement of each item.

Our electrical designers study the layout of various loads and relative locations and systematically record the grouping of the loads together with operational demands and operating modes. From this data, the values like installed load, load factor, diversity factor, steady state demand, maximum demand, connected load etc is obtained.

The electrical load data together with information on local codes and tariff policies will help in deciding the type of incoming power connection (LT or HT) required for the project.

HT service connection requires the sizing and design of consumer side substation (Indoor/Outdoor), sizing of transformers & switching equipment and are metered under HT tariff.

LT installations are normally connected to the local network using proper isolation and protective equipment and metered under LT tariff.

Key Deliverables of EC:
Load schedule
Load calculation
MD calculation
Contract load calculation
Electrical installation sizing
Block diagrams
Block estimates
Primary consultation report