Energy Conservation and Audit

picture Energy audit is the systematic translation of energy conservation ideas in to feasible solutions in a attempt to reduce energy consumption.

Energy conservation and sustainability is fundamental to our practice and is an integral part of our design without saying.

Our expert team carryout EEA (Electrical Energy Audit) for residential, industrial and commercial projects which are already in operation and can also carry out proof checking of third party designs from the EEA perspective.

Since induction motors constitute 70% to 80% of the load in industrial units, we give great importance to electrical motor energy audit in any EEA scenario.

In case of process industries, we can carry out EEA as a subtask of GEA (General Energy Audit), carried out by process engineering team to reduce the specific electrical energy consumption per unit of production, without increasing the specific energy consumption (other than electrical energy).

Our experts can provide practical and tailored advice to reduce energy consumption based on the type and scale of the projects.

Key Deliverables of EC:
Electrical energy audit
Electrical motor energy audit
Load management systems
Loss reduction measures for motors
Motor loading analysis
Alternate energy use analysis