Circuits & Switchgear

picture Switchgear is the collective name provided for various switching devices used in the electrical system. The switchgear mainly provide electrical protection, electrical isolation between sections of electrical installation, and shall provide flexibility in local or remote switching. It also provides protection against under and over voltage, earth leakage, over current etc.

National and international standards specifies the manner in which electrical circuits shall be designed and installed, considering the various capabilities and limitations of various switch gear in order to ensure their safe operation.

EC has the knowledge, talent and the state of the art software to design the most optimal and safe electrical circuits, logic diagrams, schematics, cable block diagrams and termination details to comply with the latest national and international standards.

Each circuit is analysed and optimised one at a time, and a number of combinations are considered to ensure satisfactory performance,compatibility among individual and upstream switchgear with respect to rating and fault level, conformity to regulations towards safety and reliability in circuit performance etc

Key Deliverables of EC:
Single line diagrams
Electrical schematics
Calculation of voltage drops
Calculation of short circuit current
Switchgear rating and selection
Selection of protective devices
Selection of cascading schemes
Design calculations
Cable size optimisation
Verification of personnel protection system.