Cables & Busbar Trunking

picture Electrical cable and bus bars are used to transport a given current determined by voltage during generation, transmission, distribution and utilisation of electrical energy. It is probably the single most significant contributor to the cost of any electrical installation. Hence it is very important to select the correct size of cables and busbars to optimise the cost and safety aspects of any electrical installation.

We have installed softwares and developed in-house tools like 'water fall charts’ to collate the downstream power usage and automatically calculate the cables and busbar sizes based on current rating, derating factors, maximum permissible voltage drop, short circuit temperature rise, earth fault loop impedance etc as per national and international standards applicable to electrical installations (IEC, NEC, BS etc).

Our engineers use state of the art softwares to carryout cable routing, prepare automatic cable schedules, equipment terminal lists, cable material take-offs (MTO) etc.

Key Deliverables of EC:
Cable and busbar sizing
Cable and Busbar sizing calculations
Cable schedules
Cable tray sizing and layout
Busbar layout
Equipment terminal lists
Cable cutting schedules
Material take-off lists